The Throat Chakra

The Throat chakra, Vishudda, is located in the throat area. It allows our thoughts to be spoken. The colour associated with the Throat chakra is blue, its musical note is G. The mantra for the Throat chakra is HAM and is connected to the element ether. When this chakra is well balanced we can express our truth and communicate clearly with others, however and imbalance can mean we have trouble talking to and listening to others or expressing our opinions, physical symptoms cam include sore throat , jaw pain or ear problems.

Healing the Throat chakra

  • Journaling or creative writing is a good way to help words flow or release things that you may have trouble expressing outloud.

  • Consume blue/purple foods, blueberries, aubergine or purple grapes.

  • Crystals to have nearby include turquoise, blue agate and sapphire.

  • Burn rosemary, lime or cedarwood essential oils.

  • Yoga poses to release the Throat chakra include fish pose, bridge pose and shoulder stand.

  • Affirmations include, 'I speak my thoughts clearly with integrity', 'My opinions are valid.'

  • Journal prompts; 'How can I be more confident when speaking My truth?' 'Why is it important to me to be a patient listener?'

Guided meditation for the Throat chakra

  • Take a moment to get comfortable and come to a place of stillness.

  • Take 3 deep breaths, exhaling slowly.

  • Begin to focus on the sensations in the throat as you breathe.

  • Drop your shoulders down.

  • Let each exhalation relax the jaw.

  • Part the lips.

  • Imagine a wash of blue light, travel down the body, softening each muscle it touches.

  • Focus now on a conversation you have been putting off having.

  • In your minds eye, view that conversation taking place.

  • See yourself speaking clearly, and being understood.

  • Know your opinion is valid.

  • Repeat the mantra, I am worthy, my voice matters.

  • Stay for as long as time allows.

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