The Third Eye Chakra

The Third eye chakra, Ajna, is located between the brows. It controls our intuition dreams and the way we think and focus. The colour associated with this chakra is indigo and the related element is the cosmos. The connected musical note is A and the mantra chant is SHAM. When this chakra is open we can think clearly, we know who we truly are and where we want to go in life, but when there is an imbalance in this chakra, we begin to feel stuck, we are unable to view the bigger picture or see where we are headed and can suffer from nightmares, physical symptoms that may show up include migraines and sinusitis.

Healing the Third eye chakra

  • Take a break from external influences such as TV or social media, although positive inspiration can sometimes come from these sources, it can also lead us to 'try to be like others' rather than learning who we truly are and what works for us. Instead, read a self help or inspiring book, and create a vision board.

  • Increase your intake of purple foods, blackberries and purple cabbage.

  • Crystals to have with you include amethyst, celestite and lapis lazuli.

  • Burn the essential oils frankincense, jasmine and lavender.

  • Yoga poses to help unblock the Third eye chakra , downward dog, forward fold and lotus pose.

  • Affirmations to support the chakra, 'My mind is strong, clear and open', 'I release doubt and welcome faith'.

  • Journal prompts; ' Remember a time when following your intuition led to the right choice', 'What does it mean to me to surrender'.

Guided meditation for the Third Eye Chakra

  • Begin in a comfortable seat of your choice.

  • Keep your spine long but not rigid.

  • Come to a place where you can be still for the next 5 minutes.

  • Make any adjustments now.

  • Bring your focus to your breath.

  • Without changing it in any way, note the depth of your natural breath.

  • How many counts do you inhale.

  • How many do you exhale.

  • Do you fully empty the breath from the body?

  • Do you send breath all the way down to the belly?

  • Doing only what feels good to you, make any adjustments to the breath you feel may be beneficial to your body.

  • Maybe breathe a little deeper?

  • Exhale a little slower?

  • Only you know what is right for you.

  • We can take onboard advice, but it should only be applied when truly beneficial to the reciprocate.

  • Be aware that your intuition is simply your ability to know, recognise and sense what is right for you.

  • That if you look within yourself, you will know the path to follow.

  • You will know what you need to feel happy, balanced and fulfilled.

  • Trust yourself.

  • Repeat the mantra, I trust my intuition.

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