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The less known benefits of yoga

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

When people think of yoga they often imagine a slow moving class full of gentle stretches, which yoga definitely can be, but it is also much more than that.

There are many styles of yoga around these days, restorative being one of them, and one that absolutely deserves its place, but also yin yoga, strong classes, hot classes and even aerial yoga, all offering some different benefits to us, some of which people may not associate with yoga.

Strength : Yoga is brilliant for building muscle strength and toning the body. I am often asked if I attend the gym as I have quite toned arms and the answer is I have never stepped foot in a gym. I do however practice yoga daily. You do not have to practice the more advanced postures such as crow or handstand in order to tone the body and gain strength, many of the postures snuck into most classes provide this when regularly practiced, for example downward facing dog and warrior one require alot of engagement of the muscles.

Cardio: Vinyasa flow is great way to get the heart rate up and burn calories. Many classes will include some vinyasa at different paces and levels to suit all yogis helping you build a sweat.

Posture: Yoga can promote better posture through using correct body alignment to keep us stable in certain poses and through strengthening the core muscles. Many postures also focus on opening the shoulders and heart area and tucking the pelvis, and if you consistently practice these poses it will naturally lead to better posture.