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The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra, Anahata, is located at the heart centre. The associated colour is green and its musical note is F. The heart chakra is linked to the air element and the associated manta is YAM. The Heart Chakra keeps our life force flowing, both physically and emotionally. When this chakra is balanced we feel loved and able to give love, we are able to forgive ourselves and others, manage stress well and have a positive outlook, if the chakra is unbalanced symptoms such as chest pain, hand and arm disorders, stress, greed or an inability to accept love may be present.

Healing the Heart Chakra

  • Practice forgiveness and letting go, for yourself and others.

  • Spend time outdoors where you can feel the breeze on your skin.

  • Consume more green foods such as green leafy veg and beans.

  • Crystals to keep to hand include rose quartz, and jade.

  • Burn ylang ylang or rose essential oils.

  • Yoga poses to practice include camel pose, cobra and bow pose.

  • Affirmations include 'I am loved and deserve to be' 'I am peaceful'.