Summer Facebook detox

I have been deactivating and reactivating my Facebook account like a yoyo over the past year. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. obviously there are some positive aspects such as seeing family pictures and promoting my yoga business, but personally for me there are many more negative aspects to Facebook that I have concluded far outweigh the positives.

After reading a comment recently that hurt my feelings, I once again deactivated, but later that night I wanted to have a look on market place, so, you guessed it I reactivated. Honestly what is wrong with me??

So, today I sat with my notebook and made a list my personal pros and cons.


  1. Family contact

  2. Yoga business page

  3. Market place

  4. Information groups for kids school/clubs

  5. Meet ups for kids friends


1. Time consuming

2. Its actually very BORING but somehow I can still scroll for an hour

3. Takes up time where I could be doing something much more interesting to me

4. It is now affecting my posture, all that hunching over my phone

5. Takes time away from my children

6. It is the cause of much of my stress and negative feelings towards myself

7. I often feel judged, as a parent and as a person.

8. Most of the people I am in contact with on there are not my friends, many don't even say hello when I pass them in real life.

9. My life is not private, and not real, I mean has a moment even happened if you have not updated your status??

10. I generally feel low in one way or another after a FB session.

As you can see far too many negatives. So I have come to the conclusion that the best thing for me to do is to find a different way around the pros that are keeping me in this Facebook loop.

Here what I have discovered after a little brain storm.

  1. Keeping in touch with family - message them, send pictures, make more effort to actually visit.

  2. Yoga business page - not sure it really has much benefit anyway but plan to try marketing myself on google and Instagram and good old fashioned posters!

  3. Market place - there's always Ebay

  4. Info for kids school/clubs - Be more organised and keep track of dates and emails myself

  5. Kids meet ups with friends - My eldest is big enough to plan this herself and my youngest , her friends parents are friends of mine, true friends, ones who talk to me outside of my Facebook status!

So there we have it, ways around everything, no excuses now. Also you may have noted I still plan to use Instagram which I recognise is still social media, but for some reason I have a different relationship with that one, I think due to the fact that I use it to follow interests, yoga, healthy eating pages etc over people, its just generally a more positive space, and also does not seem to take up as much of my time.

And what do I hope to gain from my Facebook freedom? I want to live in the moment, enjoy activities with my kids instead of thinking how Facebook worthy our time is, I plan to read all the books I have on subjects I'm interested in, I want to spend more time in nature rather than on a screen, I want to write more blog posts, even if nobody reads them because I enjoy it, but mostly I want a private life, I want to see who I truly am, Who my children truly are without input from people and other sources that are not really apart of my life.

So I have made the decision that this summer holiday will be Facebook free, Instagram I will keep but for yoga only nothing personal. My summer with my summer with my girls will be private and shared only with people who are really a part of our lives, I'm going to enjoy the moments, discover what WE like and what works for US, and I'm going to do a little soul searching along the way.

And its done!.....Facebook deactivated until September 1st!

Watch this space for updates on the affect this Facebook summer detox has on my life and my girls.

If you have or are thinking of taking a social media break let me know how you get on in the comments below.

Kirsty x

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