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My top 10 tips for daily yoga

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

I often speak to people who say they would love to practice yoga daily but for one reason or another do not manage to do so, here are my top tips for incorporating yoga into your daily life so that it becomes something you do without thinking.

  1. Keep a yoga journal, I do not mean for you spend an hour after each session writing all about your practice (although feel free if this appeals to you), simply keep a short note of how you felt before and after practice, through this, you will naturally become aware of how a little bit of yoga will only ever serve you well and soon you will spend your day eager to get on the mat.

2. 5 minutes is enough, a daily yoga practice does not necessarily mean a 90 minute practice every night after a busy day at work followed by feeding and bathing the kids, 5 minutes of gently stretching or fountain of youth pose ( legs up the wall), will go a long way to soothing achy muscles or calming a frantic mind and still means you are incorporating yoga into your daily routine.

3. Try some different styles to see what suits you best. There are many different styles of yoga, if you find a slow paced hatha yoga class does not interest you, try a vinyasa flow or yin style class, or mix and match to suit what you need that day.

4. Start small, commit to practicing yoga daily for one week, and then a month and see where that leads you.