My personal journey to wellbeing

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Ever since I was young I was fascinated by anything slightly spiritual, witchcraft, druids, Stonehenge and anything with a religious background. I felt drawn to the rituals of such things and always felt there was more to the universe than just us and our world. At 17 I was introduced to sunsalutations by a dance teacher at university and from there my love of yoga began to grow.

For many years I dipped in and out of yoga and definitely used it more for physical objectives like flexibility until 5 years ago I hit a very low point in my life, and after several months of struggling to keep everything going and not practicing any self care, turning to destructive habits to help me through, I turned on youtube looking for a yoga session and discovered the fabulous @yogawithAdriene. I practiced a one of her classes in my living room after putting the girls to bed and straight away noticed how relaxed I felt, and so I practiced with her the next night and the next, until after a month of this regular practice I felt like a different person, far more able to focus and cope on what was happening in my life at that time. This is the point I became a true yogi, where I began to turn to yoga to solve anything I was feeling.

I believe taking care of yourself, body and mind is like a run of dominoes, its a knock on affect. Once I naturally began to practice yoga flow daily, I began to practice breathwork within the flow and eventually realised how calming and powerful mastering control of the breath can be, and how extremely useful the techniques can be at moments of stress, when adrenalin kicks in our fight or flight response. Naturally, this lead me to meditation practice.

Through the skills I learned through these daily habits, I began to become much more aware of myself, able to listen to my body, noticing signs I'm tired and need to practice some extra self care. So I take that break, wrap up cosy, read a book, walk in nature, get that early night, and I do it before burnout hits.

I really found a love of taking care of my body, and learned that making time to do this for myself is not selfish, (well, still have to tell myself this from time to time). I took up running, began strong yoga to build muscle tone and ate healthily. One of the biggest changes for me was drastically cutting down on alcohol, going from a nightly glass of wine drinker to a very occasional drinker. I found the more I took care of my body, the more I noticed the negative affects alcohol took on it and the less I wanted to do anything that no longer made be feel good.

Since then, I have and still am continuing my wellness journey. I try to journal each night as its stops me going over things in my head when I'm trying to sleep, I always try to use non medicinal treatments, mostly herbal and aromatherapy, I am a big fan of herbal teas - although I absolutely still need to work on my caffeine intake! I've also grown a love of the outdoors and with the confidence I have developed through yoga practice have been on many trips to beautiful places with my 2 daughters and even plan to take them on a camping trip this summer.

I am still working on many things, lengthening my daily meditation, lowering my caffeine and sugar intake, trusting more in the universe and slowing down a little from time to time just to take in the moment, but when I look back on the tired, stressed out person I was a few years ago, I know I have come along way.

Good luck on your own wellness journey and let me know in the comments below how its been along the way.

wishing love and happiness

Kirsty x

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