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Facebook detox update

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Well I did it, one whole month, not just Facebook, but full social media free month!

What did I learn? lots, but mostly that I prefer life without.

Society these days spends increasingly more time on social media, but are we spending so much time in our virtual world that we are missing out on what's happening in our real lives, I was certainly beginning to feel that way and so decided to take a summer long break from Facebook as that is where I felt most my issues lay. However, a couple of weeks in I felt this was not enough so took a complete break from all forms of social media for the entire of august.

So now I'll share with you the top five benefits I found came from being social media free.

  1. More time, way more time. How many times do you catch yourself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, mostly at content you have little or no interest in, and realise an hour has passed, an hour that could have been used for something far more interesting or productive. Ever wonder where the day goes? I think we have the answer!

  2. Less anxious. I no longer had to worry about weather or not myself and my family were keeping up with everyone else, doing as much or eating as well, as I no longer new what everyone else was doing. On the flip side of this, I no longer felt as though I had to make public and keep proving what we as a family were doing either.

  3. Goodbye perfectionist! What a joy it was to just be involved in what was naturally going on and no longer having to worry that everything was 'picture perfect'. Of course I still took a few pictures of what we were up to, but who cares if the kids clothes were mucky or my make up was not on, they were only for our private collection of memories, just for us to treasure and look back not for anyone else to pass comment. Neither did we have to stop mid fun to snap 20 pictures to get that perfect 'Insta worthy' shot, just the one to capture the moment will do. That walk through the woods became o much more enjoyable and beneficial actually taking in my surroundings over searching for my phone.